Very excited to have some gigs coming up in the next month with Huw Rees Trio/ Max Popp’s quartet / Meerkat Parade quartet and Alison Affleck.

A great weekend at Jazzahead in Bremen for the first time, finding out how things work and seeing some amazing bands from all over Europe, especially liked Einar Scheving quartet from Iceland.

Busy week coming up with Sun Juice funking it out tonight, Sunday with Ali Affleck and the awesome Colin Steele on trumpet at Brehemia, Monday some workshops with Matilda Brown in Hampden, working with some amazing classical musicians and helping children create some original music. Wednesday Argyle Jam. A solo guitar gig somewhere in Edinburgh thursday then up to Aberdeen Jazz festival with Ali Affleck’s group..then can’t remember after that.

Arranging one of Prune Karlen’s original songs today and starting on learning Pat Martino’s solo on Impressions, also playing bass tonight at the new Argyle Bar jam session

Here’s a video from the festival BBC radio show, we play at the start then at about 20 minutes in

Had a busy and exciting few days recording my songs with James Lindsay (bass), Huw Rees (key/hammond) and Max Popp at Gus Stirrat’s studio in Glasgow. Very excited we got through all he material. Will be mixing and mastering over the next few weeks.

-Some workshops coming up soon with Matilda Brown in Aberdeen playing and writing improvised songs with school children then performing at the end of the week. Also trying to write some new music at the moment to play with the organ trio and other projects.

-Will be recording the end of January with the Organ Trio with Huw Rees on Organ and Max Popp on drums.

-Also hoping to record with LRS(The League of Regrettable Superheroes) early this year. We’ve been  getting a pretty mixed set together. Including some European folk music, Bluegrass, Tratitional tunes and Jazz.

-Be great to play with Lorna Reid at the Jazz bar on 24th and 26th August with John Allan on bass. Playing a lot of her original songs as well as a few standards. The show is called ‘All of Me’. The Organ trio is also playing at Whighams soon, doing a mixture of Grant Green, Wes Montgomery and other repertoire.

-We got a great review from by Bruce Lindsay, you can read it here

-The first HSK EP now available as CD/ download!!

-Excited to have the new EP out!! To order the CD or download it you can find it on bandcamp at this link

-Looking forward to playing on TV on Thursday with Glasgow choir, Voice of the town, led by Madaline Pritchard. Rehearsal was fun last night.