-Will be recording the end of January with the Organ Trio with Huw Rees on Organ and Max Popp on drums. Also hoping to record with LRS early this year.
-The League of Regrettable Superheroes

-Looking forward to playing with this trio in a couple of weeks, we’ve been  getting a pretty mixed set together. Including some European folk music, Bluegrass, Tratitional tunes and Jazz.

-Be great to play with Lorna Reid at the Jazz bar on 24th and 26th August with John Allan on bass. Playing a lot of her original songs as well as a few standards. The show is called ‘All of Me’. The Organ trio is also playing at Whighams soon, doing a mixture of Grant Green, Wes Montgomery and other repertoire.

-We got a great review from allaboutjazz.com by Bruce Lindsay, you can read it here

-The first HSK EP now available as CD/ download!!

-Excited to have the new EP out!! To order the CD or download it you can find it on bandcamp at this link http://triohsk.bandcamp.com/album/trio-hsk

-Looking forward to playing on TV on Thursday with Glasgow choir, Voice of the town, led by Madaline Pritchard. Rehearsal was fun last night.